Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hi Friends

I don't know if anyone still reads, this, but I will be starting back up again. Only privately. So if you would like an invite, let me know and I'll put you on the list. Thanks friends!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Baby Talk

A: Mom! I want toast! Right this instant!
M: Asher that is not how you ask for something.
A: Mom you have to get me toast RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT please.

K: Mom what does lame mean?
M: It means when someone can't walk.
A: No it means when someone's dumb.
O: I'm lame!
[and for the next 3 days Ollie told me all about how he was lame]

K: Was there even such thing as parks when you were a kid?

A: When a boy has a mustache, and he's a baby, and he's going to have a mustache, will he have a mustache when he starts as a baby?
M: No bud. Boys get mustaches when they're grown up.
A: Okay. So maybe I will have one someday.

A: [to the pediatrician] Sometimes it's like there's a jar of boogers inside my nose.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More InstaFun

Cute little sunburned nose.

Tux and Tiara are getting so big and turning into CATS.

Pie's hair is getting so long!!

We like to play Rock Band after church.

Sidewalk chalk is what summer is for.

Summer Swimming!

Ollie and his teacher

The boys marching through the water like pirates!

Evie loved her baby class but as soon as I put her down to get some pictures she was not so happy. 

The kids just finished their two weeks of swimming lessons. They all did great and loved it, especially Asher. Maybe we have some little swimmers on our hands!
I didn't get any pictures of Kimberley because her class was too busy going on the big slides. But let me assure you, she had a blast.

Sunday, June 03, 2012



Father & Sons Camping

Blaine had to miss the actual ward Father & Sons campout because he was out of town, but he made up for it by taking the boys camping last weekend. Andrew, Gavin and Tristan came, too, and they all had a blast. 
Finding the perfect spot

Ollie is still pretty slow on his leg so he rode on Daddy's shoulders.

Looking for wildlife


S'mores and hot dogs! Delish.

My favorite boys.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

 Bimsy graduated from Kindergarten today! And she didn't want to be serious for pictures.

 The graduate with Mrs. Godfrey and Mrs. Ross
 Her seat

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life via instagram

Lately I've been into instagramming way more than blogging. But since I have like 3 instagram followers I'll share them here, too.
Mom and Evie taken by Kimberley
Kimberley had a sleepover at Eliza's and the boys slept at Grammy and Grandad's last Friday. Evie and I had a fun girls night shopping in Salt Lake!
This Pie loves to carry the kitties.
This one loves to draw them.
Ollie got his cast off! Oh Happy Day!
Katie and Chase came to visit with their kids, who are all at least 4" taller than ours, who are older. Kayla (4), Asher (4.5) Kimberley (6.5) Andrew (5) Lincoln (2) Ollie (3.5)
We went to the park when Oliver was still in his cast, but he can still get around.
And he still plays outside, just with daddy's sock to keep it clean.
Brynlee and Evie are little BFFs.
Total wrong order but THE CAST IS OFF!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ollie breaks his leg

Since both of our husbands were out of town, Lyndsey and I decided to join forces for Sunday dinner and have it here. We had a nice dinner together and then the kids went downstairs to play while Lyndsey and I hung out upstairs. After a while I heard Ollie screaming so I went downstairs to see what the problem was. I found him laying on his stomach on the floor screaming and shaking. I brought him upstairs and gave him some Motrin and tried to get him to calm down. The other Richardsons decided that it was their cue to leave and I tried to get Ollie to bed. He would not calm down or put any weight on his legs. I called the pediatrician and he told me to take him to the ER for x-rays. I called my parents (remember, husband out of town) and they came over so I could take Ollie in. 
   At this point I didn't even know what happened because the kids weren't talking. (I later found out they were jumping and he kicked his leg just as someone jumed on it). They took him back for x-rays and found a fractured Tibia.
Waiting in the ER for x-rays

Ollie has been couch-bound ever since but at least Tux is around to keep him company.

I mean, seriously, how cute. 

Yesterday we took him to the orthopedic surgeon and he got his requested blue cast.

Back home and back on the couch now, but feeling much better.