Saturday, August 04, 2012

Baby Talk

A: Mom! I want toast! Right this instant!
M: Asher that is not how you ask for something.
A: Mom you have to get me toast RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT please.

K: Mom what does lame mean?
M: It means when someone can't walk.
A: No it means when someone's dumb.
O: I'm lame!
[and for the next 3 days Ollie told me all about how he was lame]

K: Was there even such thing as parks when you were a kid?

A: When a boy has a mustache, and he's a baby, and he's going to have a mustache, will he have a mustache when he starts as a baby?
M: No bud. Boys get mustaches when they're grown up.
A: Okay. So maybe I will have one someday.

A: [to the pediatrician] Sometimes it's like there's a jar of boogers inside my nose.


Kami said...

ha ha! These always crack me up! You should tell your kids about how parks used to be metal, and they burned. And slides that stained your pants.

The King's said...

hahaaha I LOVE WHEN YOU POST THESE! they are stinkin hilarious. I miss you miccchhheeeellllleeeee!